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VIDEO PREMIERE: The Warriors- Follow Your Bliss (Part 3)

Hard Noise is thrilled to bring you a new documentary tracking The Warriors’ process of creating their ambitiously realized latest record. Watch part three of Follow Your Bliss: The Making of Monomyth¬†below. Click here for parts I and II.

Formed in Tehachapi, California in 2002, The Warriors charged onto the scene with a sonic barrage of hardcore, punk, and metal influences with debut album War is Hell in 2004. They continued to build a formidable presence in early ’00s crossover circles, bringing in new influences, broader visions, and heavy-hitter guests like Lemmy Kilmister and Lou Koller into the fold with each new album.

Year of the Knife Internal Incarceration out August 7

In the years since 2011’s See How You Are, The Warriors have been relatively quiet. Now, they’ve signed to Pure Noise Records and released their first new album in almost a decade. Monomyth is a finely-crafted, progressively brutal effort produced by the band’s drummer, Roger Camero. Its themes of transcendentalism and mythic hero’s journeys are expressed with eclectic musical influences, creating a new hardcore sound that’s a culmination of the band’s history.

See the fourth and final piece of Follow Your Bliss: The Making of Monomyth here. Monomyth is available now from Pure Noise Records, and you can catch The Warriors live February 19th at Nile Theater.