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Sunny Singh’s Dad Wants Him To Tape The Country Scene

Sunny Singh is singlehandedly keeping the hardcore scene accessible, thanks to hate5six, his collection of hundreds of filmed hardcore shows that he uploads free to view online. In today’s episode of The Hard Times Podcast, he tells hosts Bill Conway and Matt Saincome about the days before the success of the channel, when his dad first watched a tape Sunny made of a ska show and genuinely asked, “Who would want to buy this?”

“Initially, the camera was just my way of contributing something,” says Sunny on today’s episode. And although his dad may have been right about ska, Sunny’s dream of collecting and releasing hardcore footage to a massive audience has come true. “It took a long journey, but that dream is finally realized.”

Thankfully, Sunny’s dad eventually came around. Now, Sunny says, he is so supportive of hate5six that he urges his son to branch out and go record hiphop and country shows, leaving Sunny to explain to him that he can’t just go crash a Kenny Chesney concert. 

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To hear more about hate5six and Sonny’s encyclopedic knowledge of hardcore shows, his background in computer science and tech, and the painstaking process of making his videos, be sure to listen to the rest of today’s episode wherever you get your podcasts. 

Hardcore archivist Sonny Singh of hate5six joins the pod to talk about filming the hardcore scene, faking people out with algorithms and dealing with bands that don’t want to be documented.