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Less Than Jake’s Vinnie Fiorello does it himself

Record labels. Novels. A tattoo parlor. A fucking toy line. These are just some of the things that Less Than Jake drummer and songwriter Vinnie Fiorello has made. He tells Matt and Bill all about it on this week’s episode of The Hard Times Podcast. 

It’s part of the reason he’s on the podcast, says Matt. “You have an interesting background in using DIY punk lessons and skills in entrepreneurial fashion.”

Vinne sums it all up. “Any time that you’re creative or doing something, whether you’re in a band putting out new music for people to digest or review, or after I stopped touring with Less Than Jake, I went headlong into a writing a novel and I stopped in the middle of it and went ‘Dude what the fuck are you doing? This makes no sense to me right now. Are people gonna like this? Are they going to embrace what You’re doing?’”

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He continues, “That sort of intersection you have as a creator, you don’t know what other people are gonna do, so you either do it for yourself or you reorganize how you’re gonna do something. And that’s what it is.” 

To hear more about Vinnie’s punk business ventures, starting the Fueled By Ramen label, and virtual circle jerks, make sure to listen to the Hard Times Podcast.