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Chris Estrada Wants You To Stop Late Night Tweeting

Comedian Chris Estrada only likes using Twitter to write jokes. On this week’s episode of The Hard Times Podcast, he tells Matt and Bill how everything else seems to make people, including his comedy peers, absolutely crazy. 

“I feel like… I don’t know if I get conspiracy people,” Estrada explains. “But my friends in comedy, they’re the super woke people on Twitter. Sometimes I’ll see them tweeting stuff late at night and I’m like, who are you talking to?”

“Not that I don’t agree with you, or what you’re saying doesn’t have any merit. I saw this tweet, it was 1 in the morning,” he goes on. “He was tweeting at one in the morning and I saw 3 people liked it. You’re really building yourself up dude. Why are you getting this mad at 1 in the morning? I treat it like my acid reflux: no eating or drinking three hours before bed.”

“Yeah that’s what they say,” Bill adds. “They say shut your rage off 30 minutes before bed, and keep all your rage outside of your bedroom so your bed is just a rage-free space.”

Estrada says, “To me, when I see people really divulging their true feelings, whether it’s political or personal, I’m like man, you don’t have any friends you can call?”

To hear more about Chris’s jobs, meth binges, and why some of you need to stop self-caring, check out the latest episode of The Hard Times Podcast!