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Greg Attonito Recorded While The World Burned

Jersey pop punk icons The Bouncing Souls finished recording their latest album right before the quarantine started to take effect. On the latest episode of The Hard Times Podcast, lead singer Greg Attonito tells Matt and Bill about what it was like to be working on new music in the days leading up to lockdown. 

“The last day of our session was when quarantine went down in Jersey,” Attonito explains. “When we first arrived in Jersey, there was not a lot of news about it. But as we were recording in the session, every day it was ramping up. During the last three days, we wrote a song about it. It made it to the record. It’s called ‘World On Fire.’ It was a very spontaneous thing.”

“We had the best time recording. It was the most fun and chill recording I’ve ever done, and we kept saying ‘we’re having so much fun and the world is in this vice starting to tighten’… It was very strange, but a wonderful way to put a period at the end of things before our survival mode kicked in.”

To hear more about quarantine recording and Greg’s pitch for a documentary about dicks, check out the latest episode of The Hard Times Podcast.