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Up the Blunx Featured Artist: Jay BLK of Winter Wolf

Up the Blunx is a podcast where two Black punks from different walks of life get together to voice their opinions on everything from straight edge to condiments to the police. The show, from comedian Kevin Tit and End It frontman Akil Godsey, regularly features music from Black artists. In this series, we dig a little deeper into the artists behind the music featured on Up the Blunx. This week’s Q&A is with Jay Blk of Harlem’s Winter Wolf, whose song “Dead Body Fuck Party” was featured on episode 9

How did Winter Wolf get started?

Honestly, it all started as dream I was clinging to while battling cancer. It motivated me to fight, and still motivates me to create.

What was the inspiration for opting out of having a guitarist?

It really wasn’t a choice. I was in band before this. But the guitarist kicked me out due to my cancer. So I said fuck it, don’t need one anyway.

Harlem is known for their rich history in music and art. How would you describe the punk scene out there now?

There are so many amazing musicians here. There’s a beat to the streets of Harlem, a pulse almost. There are punks here, but no scene. I usually hit up the Bronx or Brooklyn for that.

Any new music in the works?

Yes!!! We recording an EP right now, hopefully out by the end of the year

Any words of encouragement you’d like to relay to the next generation of punks coming up in Harlem?

Love yourself 

Take care of each other 

We’re all in this together 

Welcome to the pack

If you’re black, in a punk band, and would like your music featured on the show, send a bio and link to your music to [email protected]