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The Horror Times: December Movie Schedule

The Horror Times is a bi-weekly horror movie watch-along podcast featuring original music and sketches from comedians & writers Tiana MillerLauren Lavín, and Dan Rice, on The Hard Times podcast network

After taking a break to creepy-crawl on your ceiling while you slept, The Horror Times is back with a new biweekly schedule. Special guests are filling in for Tiana while they’re out teaching C.H.U.D.S. how to unionize. For December, the creeps revisit the single best entry in the Marvel Comics universe, and a movie that completely demolishes the Nice Canadians stereotype.

December 4 – Blade (1998)

With guest host John Danek

Where to watch 

Rent from Amazon, YouTube, Google Play

Say Stan Lee’s name three times in the bathroom mirror

December 18 – Class of 1984 (1982)

Guest host TBA

Where to watch 

Amazon Prime

Sling TV

Rent from YouTube, Google Play

While ditching class at your friend’s house where their punk older sister is watching it with her cooler friends and you guys have to kind of sit in the hallway to see it

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