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Awsten Knight Has Three Drinks Right Now

Matt’s bar for success is simple: can you get a soda if you go out to lunch? On this week’s episode of The Hard Times Podcast, Awsten Knight of Waterparks proudly shows off the three drinks he has during the interview.

“I’m ready to party, let’s go,” he exclaims. 

But that success didn’t come from nowhere.

“When you grow up and you’re doing DIY for so long, you kinda have to learn how to do everything yourself if you want things to get done.”

“Even when I was 16 or whatever… I’d give some guy 20 bucks to make a flyer and three days later I’d be like, ahhhhhh!” 

To hear more about Awsten’s new look, directing his band’s music video and tons of Burl Wood talk, check out the latest episode of The Hard Times Podcast. Full video episodes out on the YouTube channel every Monday!