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Ian Shelton Could Ruin Matt’s Life

“I’m a little worried now,” Matt jokes on the latest episode of The Hard Times Podcast. “Ian’s gonna bring some stuff up people don’t know about me.”

Regional Justice Center’s Ian Shelton explains his different interactions with Matt from back in the Bay Area hardcore scene, like staying at Matt’s house with Drug Church after a Gilman show “with a bunch of triple-b hardcore bands.”

“We played a handful of shows with Zero Progress and Stressors,” Ian says, referring to Matt’s old band. “And I was like, ‘Oh, this dude’s doing like a wrestling thing.'”

He remembers Matt’s “The Champ” character, from a time when Matt was “the scourge of the Bay.”

“Ian met me when knowing me was a liability,” explains Matt.

“I was like I can’t talk to this fool. He’s gonna end up getting cancelled. Before being cancelled was even a thing!”

To hear more stories about the Bay Area hardcore scene, the MySpace days, and why Teslas are the perfect murder weapon, check out the latest episode of The Hard Times Podcast with special guest Ian Shelton!

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