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Brianna Collins Wants You To Make Art

Tigers Jaw’s Brianna Collins has kept busy during the pandemic. Not only is she hard at work on a new album with one of the coolest DIY bands in the Northeast — which she’s been in for half her life — but she also teaches art. 

On the most recent episode of The Hard Times Podcast, she explains to Matt and Bill, “Most people don’t have the art ability beyond an average twelve-year-old, because people feel like if they’re bad at art they stop doing it.”

“Like, it’s an elective and not mandatory thing. But the way that I think about art as an art teacher… there are ways to learn how to use the mediums that exist in the world, but the ways you use it in expressing yourself through art or the choices you make, there’s no good or bad. If you have intent, you’re making art and that is what’s good.”

And then tragedy struck, as Matt tried to chime in by talking about watercolors before realizing that someone stole the painting he made of his fellow Hard Times Editors. 

To hear more about the case of the Matt’s missing painting, high school ska bands, and getting into Tigers Jaw because of a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, check out the latest episode of the Hard Times Podcast.