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Dan Lambton Made a Successful Trip To Target

“Let’s fucking go dude.”

Those are the four magic words Dan Lambton says upon learning he and Bill both went to Target before recording the latest episode of The Hard Times Podcast. The frontman of pop punk supergroup rationale. joined Matt and Bill to talk about bigger things — like having coronavirus, and leaving Real Friends — but this coincidence was too big to pass up.

“Fucking hell,” Bill says. “I got some sweat shorts bro? Oh my god.” 

“I’m wearing mine now!” exclaims Dan.

Matt snickers, but Bill cannot believe what he’s hearing. 

“Wait, wait, wait. Are they the Goodfellows ones with the kind of thick waistband?”

“Uhhhh…” Silence.

“He’s panically checking,” notices Matt. The stakes have never been higher.

To find out if Dan and Bill bought the same shorts, plus hear everyone’s worst puke and shit stories, listen to the latest episode of The Hard Times Podcast.